Bei Hai Zoo c6

The next day

Xiang Qian got up early in the morning.

Unfortunately, there was no Dreamland Theatre last night.

Xiang Qian was not depressed either, he believed that as long as he had this ability, he would trigger again sooner or later.

Some things cannot be forced.

Everything revolves.

At this moment Xiang Qian has to clean up himself. Today is his day to go to Weizhou Island and inherit the head of the zoo.

Shave off the scum, put on a suit and tie.

Polish shoes!

Put on a watch of the King of Heaven.

People rely on clothing, horses rely on saddles.

Putting on a straight suit, Xiang Qian turned into a spirited guy, especially with a pair of sunglasses, he was simply a domineering president.

Looking at the handsome self in the mirror.

Xiang Qian nodded in satisfaction, couldn’t help but turn on the phone, and played a DJ version of “One Plum Blossom”.

Dong Dong… Dong Dong…

Xiang Qian standing in front of the mirror swayed right and left to the music instantly.

One suit.

Waving his hands and twisting his big ass from side to side, not to mention how exciting it is!

It’s a big show.

In the process, Xiang Qian took out a bottle of men’s cologne, but he thought about it again and again, but he still did not use it.

After all, I have to go to the zoo to work.

The smell of perfume may not be so popular with animals.

After a while.

Xiang Qian took the hotel ticket and went to the restaurant for a wave of free breakfast.

During this period.

Xiang Qian, in suits and shoes, naturally attracted the attention of many women.

“Hey, you can obviously eat with your face.”

Xiang Qian sighed, then reached out and patted the shoulder.

nicotine patch

effect not bad , after putting a patch on my shoulder last night, I haven’t thought of smoking until now.

After the meal, Xiang Qian returned to the room to pack his luggage.


set off! ~


Xiang Qian walked out of the Shell Hotel, taking the steps that the six relatives did not recognize, dragging the suitcase with one hand and the pocket of the suit and trousers with one hand, and went straight to the nearby international passenger port.

Come to the dock.

Find the ticket office of the passenger port, Xiang Qian arrived very early, and there are not many tourists in the ticket hall.

Of course!

Most people book tickets online, which is more convenient.

The fare table on the wall:

B warehouse 120 yuan/person (one way)

A warehouse 180 yuan/person (one way)

special class 240 yuan/person (one way)

There are six passenger ships per day between Weizhou Island and Beihai City.

30% off for student tickets and half price for children’s tickets.

Among them, the disabled, veterans, and special science workers have certain discounts, especially the “Military Disability Certificate” can directly enjoy half-price ferry tickets.

This is as it should be.

In addition, each adult passenger can bring a child who is less than 1.2 meters tall for free.

(Note: When there is more than one person, the number of people who exceed it should buy child tickets)

Xiang Qian Carefully check the ticket purchase rules, although the ticket price is a bit expensive, but think about it as a national tourist attraction, you can understand the reason.

After all, the tourists here are basically from all over the country, and they come to travel and consume.

Where can I care more than a hundred dollars?


Xiang Qian cares!

He wants to succeed the zoo chief and will definitely work on the island in the future.

Although Weizhou Island is very large.

But Xiang Qian is also unavoidable. He has to travel to and from Beihai frequently. The money spent on the ferry tickets may be very scary when accumulated.

Ever since, Xiang Qian took off his sunglasses and came to the ticket window

and asked : “Hello, can I ask the staff on the island, can I take the passenger ship for free?”

This question is very important.

If not free.

The future development of the zoo will be greatly restricted.

Stern, conductor sister, looked Xiang Qian look, then replied:

“In the long term people on the island works, produce a work permit, registration or related documents, after our confirmation, free ferry ride.”

I heard this Then, Xiang Qian finally breathed a sigh of relief.


If it is the staff on the island, it is also necessary to purchase a ferry ticket.

Let alone the zoo.

I am afraid that all the hotels, aquariums, and other enterprises on the island will not be able to open.

In the next second, Xiang Qian took out several certificates, including the relevant documents of Beihai Zoo and the replacement certificate of the corporate legal person, all of which were handed it to the other party.

“The new zoomaster?” After

checking the file, the ticket sales girl was a little surprised.


Xiang Qian is very young, it is hard to imagine that he is the new zoo director.

“Please wait a moment. I will register first. I will call the leader and wait for confirmation.”

“No hurry.”

Xiang Qian smiled and nodded. Before that, Lawyer Zhou had already filed the record with the Tourism Management Office of Weizhou Island, so Don’t worry, your identity cannot be confirmed.

About five minutes later.

The ticket sales girl put down the phone, then looked at Xiang Qian and smiled:

“After the information is registered, I will give you a temporary boarding certificate. After that, you need to apply for a work permit at the management office on the island. For goods, you need to charge based on the weight and the size of the goods.”

“Thank you.”

Xiang Qian nodded, it’s not bad for free!

Cargo transportation is of course another calculation.


Xiang Qian received a piece of A4 paper, printed temporary boarding certificate, and then walked to the boarding passage.

8:02 in the morning.

Xiang Qian Board the first passenger ship to Weizhou Island.

Flying Pigeon

This is a white medium-sized cruise ship, carrying 500-1000 passengers.

At this moment, there is still half an hour before sailing.

Xiang Qian In the cabin on the second floor, he found a position by the window to sit down, and then looked around.

Although it was morning.

However, many tourists have already started boarding, and it is estimated that there will be no less than 500 tourists on this trip.

Six classes a day.

Counting the difference in peak periods, the daily passenger flow of four to five thousand people?

This is the information data found online.

There is no difference.

Xiang Qian nodded secretly. It is still the off-season. It is estimated that Weizhou Island receives tens of thousands of tourists every day, that’s for sure.

“The prospect is great!”

Xiang Qian smiled, feeling that this trip to the south will start a brand new career.


remembered the phone call that the ticket sales girl made before.

Xiang Qian could not help thinking:

“I don’t know, some people on the island welcome me? Or are they not welcome?”


A port on the coast, 21 nautical miles (about 40 kilometers) from Weizhou Island .

Flying Pigeon is a clipper.

It takes about 70 minutes to arrive, but after all, there is still half an hour to sail.

It’s really boring to wait like this.

Ever since, Xiang Qian picked up the phone to check the news and passed the time at will.

[Advertisement: There was a problem with the cruise ship, and a group of female classmates and I were living on the desert island]


Seeing a mobile phone advertisement, Xiang Qian ‘s mouth twitched.

You don’t need to click to open it. This is an advertisement for some new media novels, pure white text, the kind of selling dog meat.

What God of War returned and found her daughter sleeping in the doghouse.

Similar to this…

Xiang Qian didn’t bother to pay attention, then put away the phone and yawned.

Oh! ~ To

wake up too early today, Xiang Qian simply close his eyes and take a rest.

After a while.

Xiang Qian leaned back on the seat and gradually fell asleep.

Outside the cabin.

The salty and wet sea breeze blew the waves, Xiang Qian unconsciously fell into the small dream theater again.

God’s perspective.

It is also a passenger ship, but the external name is:

[Beiyou 8] is

obviously not the same flight, and the camera is quickly locked on a fat man who boarded the ship.

But I saw that the fat man was holding a cage covered in black cloth.

After boarding and finding a position, sit down.

The fat man put the cage on his thigh, and said helplessly:

“Carrot head, this house can’t accommodate you anymore!” After

that, the fat man said bitterly:

“I can’t help but listen to the words of my wife.”


The Xiang Qian in the dream was completely puzzled, but he noticed the time displayed on the cabin clock. At noon on the

same day

: The

third passenger ship at 11:30 , and it is still a slow ship, it takes about two hours to reach Weizhou Island.

After all, noon is the peak time. There are many ships near the port, and the speed of ships will naturally drop.

Soon… the

camera switches.

Fatty came to Weizhou Island in an instant, as if he suddenly jumped to the next episode while chasing a drama.

However, there are dense mangroves all around.

All kinds of birds are flying in the forest, and the sound of twittering is endless.

At this moment, the fat man tore off the black cloth, revealing a large carrot-like bird with a few yellow feathers standing on its head in the cage.

Well, it looks pretty awful.

No wonder it is called carrot head.

But what is surprising is…

the mouth of this big bird is actually tied up by a rubber band.

“Turnip, this bird sanctuary will be your home in the future.”

… The

above is the whole content of the dream.

After half an hour.

Xiang Qian was dozing off, suddenly a Ji Ling woke up.

Dreamland Little Theater!

At this moment, the passenger ship Flying Pigeon he was on has left the port, riding the wind and waves in the direction of Weizhou Island.

Xiang Qian was excited for a few seconds and quickly calmed down.

He didn’t expect it.

The second dream was triggered so soon.

There are no signs.


it’s big white day!

Xiang Qian is a little bit dumbfounded. It seems that this ability has no trigger conditions and is completely generated randomly during the day.

Closer to home.

The dream this time is not complicated.

The fat man in the dream should go to the bird sanctuary on the island and secretly release his own pet.

That big bird…

Parrot ?

Xiang Qian clearly remember the appearance of that big bird.

Although I know it is Parrot , I don’t know what it is.

In the next second, Xiang Qian picked up the phone and started to popularize science.

[Search: White Parrot ]


[Xuanfeng Parrot , also known as Cocktail Parrot , Xuanji]


The body is bigger than this, and not so cute.

[Du Kebo’s phoenix Parrot ]

looks very similar, but the feathers on the head are of different colors.

Still not…

Xiang Qian stared at the phone and checked it for a while, but still couldn’t find the Parrot variety in the dream.

“Mad, there is too little animal knowledge!”

Xiang Qian cursed secretly, feeling that it was necessary for him to supplement some animal knowledge.

Otherwise encounter this situation again.

Even temporary popular science is a waste of time!

Fortunately, Xiang Qian remembered that Parrot , the iconic yellow feather on his head, so he looked for it again based on its characteristics.


finally found the master.

【Sunflower Crest Parrot 】

Introduction: The body feathers are not iridescent, mainly white, with yellow crown feathers on the top of the head. When angry, the crown of the head is erected in a fan shape, like a blooming sunflower.

Distribution: It is distributed in the north, east and south of Australia, Tasmania and some islands in Indonesia.

that’s it!

Xiang Qian came to the spirit, especially when he saw the distribution, his eyes suddenly brightened.

Sure enough… As

he guessed, this Parrot is not a native creature.

if so.

The fat man’s release behavior violated the laws of ecology.

You know, non-native organisms must not be released at will.

For example.

In recent years, exotic species “scavengers” have flooded the Yangtze River basin and other freshwater lakes.

Scavengers are native to rivers in South America.

This kind of fish is highly adaptable and likes to swallow fish eggs, which seriously endangers the survival of the local fish, and even causes the entire river to become extinct!

Scavengers, snapping turtles, and other exotic species.

Basically, some self-proclaimed benevolent people are the result of secretly releasing their lives.


Unreasonable release is far more terrible than killing!

As normal.

Xiang Qian can inform the forestry department that the fat man’s release behavior will definitely face warning, education and punishment.


he was about to become the zoo director, and when he learned of this kind of thing, he naturally became active.

Tsk tsk , Parrot delivered to the door?” Xiang Qian smiled, although I don’t know why that Parrot ‘s mouth tied the rubber band.

I’m probably afraid that Parrot will be too noisy and attract other people’s attention.


Xiang Qian didn’t think much, but was very interested in that Parrot .


The fat man took a passenger ferry at 11:30, which should be the third slow boat.

Xiang Qian is temporarily unable to contact the opponent, and can only wait for the opportunity behind.

Of course!

The second Dreamland Theatre also surprised Xiang Qian a little bit.

After all, the protagonist of this dream, besides apart from Fatty, there is another Parrot .

This is a good thing…

Xiang Qian became more and more happy, and at the same time looked forward to the future dream theater, which could bring more surprises to himself.

Woo! ! ! !

At this moment, the passenger ship Flying Pigeon sounded the whistle.

The blue sea horizon.

A huge island appeared, which is the destination of this trip.

Weizhou Island.

Xiang Qian came to the third-floor deck and saw the green island in the distance. He couldn’t help but smile and said:

“Finally here!”

i am not an animal expert soooooooo….if the animal names are wrong, leave a comment

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