Bei Hai Zoo c7

At 9:42 in the morning,

Weizhou Island West Point Wharf.

Ooo! ~

Several white seagulls soaring in the blue sea and sky.

The Flying Pigeon successfully arrived at the West Point Pier, and tourists began to disembark and land on the island, including Xiang Qian .

Board the pier.

First, you need to buy tickets for Weizhou Island.

Commonly known as the island fee, the fare is 115 yuan.

The ticket purchase rules are the same as the previous ferry tickets. Students, children, veterans, and other special workers can enjoy a certain discount.

Xiang Qian is here to work, so naturally there is no need to pay for it.

That temporary boarding certificate is equivalent to a customs clearance certificate.

It didn’t cost a cent.

Xiang Qian successfully boarded Weizhou Island.

At the same time, in the process, he also found the female tour guide that he met at the food stall last night.

However, I saw that the female tour guide was holding a small banner, and there was a phone megaphones hanging around her waist, surrounded by those aunts and uncles from last night.

The other party also saw Xiang Qian .

The female tour guide looked at him from a distance, unexpectedly stretched out her hand to wipe her neck, and then opened her mouth.

Look at the mouth shape, it should be two words.


Xiang Qian was taken aback, and could not help being speechless:

“White-eyed wolf! I will give you flowers at the expense of old man .”


see the female guide’s triumphant smile.

Xiang Qian thinks this is a good thing, after all, the other party remembers himself.

In this way, the solicitation plan should be successful.

Not long.

Xiang Qian followed the crowd and came to the passenger terminal at the wharf.

at the same time.

At the passenger station, Xiang Qian also saw a huge map of Weizhou Island.

Weizhou Island is the largest island in Guangxi.

The total area is 24.74 square kilometers, which is 2474 hectares.

Look from the map.

Weizhou Island looks a bit like a giant manta ray, commonly known as a devil fish.

Do not count visitors.

The island has a permanent population of about 15,000. There are elementary and middle schools, gas stations, banks, hotels and inns on the island.

Xiang Qian looked at the map and found Beihai Zoo in the middle of the island.

In addition.

The road around the island is 54 kilometers long, and there are many attractions, hotels and other entertainment facilities along the way.



The first, the

second in the Weizhou Island Coral Reef National Marine Park , the

third in Ocean Star Park , the

fourth in the Ocean Paradise Ecological Pavilion , the Sea Edge Aquarium

Xiang Qian frowned, he knew there were Aquarium.

Unexpectedly, there are four!

The key is…

The geographical location of the four aquariums is actually distributed in the four directions of Weizhou Island, up, down, left, and right.

It happens to surround the zoo in the middle.

“Surrounded on all sides?”

Xiang Qian ‘s eyes twitched, and he finally understood why grandpa’s zoo had been running poorly for a long time.


four aquariums are surrounded.

If the zoo’s business can be good, it will be a miracle!

“Look at the situation first.”

Xiang Qian said, and began to understand the means of transportation.

At the terminal passenger terminal.

Tourist buses, buses, battery cars in scenic spots, self-driving tour rental.

There are also bicycles.

These five modes of transportation are basically used for travel on the island.

The female tour guide had already led the aunts and uncles to board the bus and leave.

It is estimated to go to the hotel first.

After all, they have to play on the island for three days.

Xiang Qian wandered around the passenger station and learned the prices of various transportation.

The cheapest is the bus.

15 yuan for an IC card.

The second is the scenic spot battery car 20 yuan / person, each can take seven or eight people.

As for the tourist bus…

it was for a tour group. Xiang Qian thought about it for a while, then dragged his suitcase to a self-driving tour rental.

After all, Weizhou Island is huge.

He took his luggage again, and it was impossible to go to the zoo on foot, so he naturally had to rent a vehicle.

In the parking lot.

All kinds of self-driving vehicles are neatly parked, from luxury Mercedes-Benz G to various SUVs, commercial vehicles, and vans.

“How much is a Mercedes Benz big G for a day?”

Xiang Qian looked at the manager and asked, who held up three fingers.

“Three hundred?”

Xiang Qian ‘s eyes brightened, and he felt that he should be very prestigious in driving a big G to the zoo.

However… the

manager shook his head and said:

“It’s 3,000 yuan a day, how can there be a big G of 300 K ?”


Xiang Qian was speechless, and then asked carefully.

There is no off-road SUV under one thousand.

Even the cheapest van costs 400 yuan a day.

Well, Xiang Qian Buddha!


he found an electric car in the parking lot, so he raised his finger to a small electric donkey and asked:

“Little electric donkey, how much is it?”

“50 yuan per day.” The

manager took a look at Xiang Qian , and he was in a suit and leather shoes. Will not rent eDonkey.

I don’t know, Xiang Qian immediately nodded and said:

“That’s it!”

…in a

short while.

Xiang Qian After paying the money, he received the car keys and a yellow safety helmet.

Under the blue sky.

Xiang Qian , wearing a suit, rode on the little eDonkey on his legs, wearing a yellow safety helmet on top of his head, and the suitcase was tied to the back seat.

Press twice to power off megaphones .

Da Da~

“Go on!!!”

Xiang Qian yelled, riding on the little eDonkey and hit the road.

That picture… I

can’t bear to look directly at it.


As long as you can save money, it doesn’t matter what you put up.

He is shameless anyway!

Xiang Qian Riding an eDonkey, began to advance along the road around the island.

He was not in a hurry to go to the zoo.

Instead, first plan to run around the island and explore the surrounding conditions on the spot.


should have a strategic vision.

Whenever you go to a strange place, you must first understand the surrounding environment, and then make corresponding strategies.

…On the

road around the island.

The sun is just right and the breeze is not dry.

On the left is the sea, on the right is the verdant green belt.

The humid sea breeze is blowing on the face.

Xiang Qian riding an eDonkey felt very comfortable and couldn’t help but hum with a smile:

” Riding on my beloved motorcycle, I will never get stuck in traffic!~” The

road around the island is 54 kilometers long.

After running in at most an hour, Xiang Qian didn’t worry, watching the beautiful scenery all the way.

five minutes later.

Scenic spots: Shiluokou Beach, under the

blue sky and white clouds,

waves slowly rush to the shore. On the long and narrow beach, there is golden sand.

Although it is still early.

But there are still many tourists on the beach, among them are girls in Biki…ahem, swimsuits.

Tsk tusk , this place is good, come back some other day when you have time.” Xiang Qian commented, and then set off again.

on the way around the island.

The sea is dry and the

stone is rotten , the minds of all animals, the dragon palace is explored … Xiang Qian Along the way, I saw many peculiarly decorated inns, as well as seaside observation decks, and even sea view rooms.

All kinds of entertainment facilities are readily available.

Of course!

Xiang Qian also saw an aquarium.

[Ocean Star Park] But I

saw it, Xiang Qian I saw it from a distance. At the gate of this aquarium, many tourists lined up to buy tickets.

“Haha, business is really good.”

Xiang Qian took a few look and knew that this was a private aquarium.

On the next way…

On the road around the island, Xiang Qian also saw many billboards.

apart from Advertisements for scenic spots and hotel dining, most of which are for the aquarium.

“Why didn’t you see the zoo advertisement?”

Xiang Qian frowned and could only continue to circle the island.

I look forward to seeing the zoo billboard.

Half an hour later…

Xiang Qian drove nearly thirty kilometers.

The roundabout is half completed.

During this period, pass through scenic spots such as Crocodile Mountain and Crater Geopark.

But in the process.

Xiang Qian still did not see any advertisements in the zoo.

This is a problem!

Xiang Qian felt the pressure, couldn’t help speeding up the driving speed, and didn’t bother to pay attention to the scenery along the way.

Even the famous colorful beach.

He didn’t even look at it.


Xiang Qian came to the largest aquarium on Weizhou Island.

[Weizhou Island Coral Reef National Marine Park]

This is a national aquarium.

The tourists at the gate are naturally endless, Xiang Qian has no idea.

Go on for five minutes.

at last!

Xiang Qian in a strip forked path mouth, finally saw a small sign that read:

[North Sea Zoo ←] left

“Only signs?”

Xiang Qian some ignorant force, but only bide, finish the remaining half of small .

An hour before and after.

Xiang Qian riding a small electric donkey, after running around the island to complete Weizhou Island.

His face was completely dark.


Xiang Qian was very angry, and there was no zoo advertisement on the road around the island.

There are only two roads to the central part, with an inconspicuous sign telling visitors the direction of Beihai Zoo.

“It’s really a dead end.”

Xiang Qian ‘s face is extremely ugly, so you don’t need to think about it.

The decline of the zoo.

The problem lies in the region, after all, it faces the siege of four aquariums.

That National Aquarium.

Xiang Qian is not disgusted, but there are three other private aquariums.

If there is no idea of ​​suppressing the zoo.

Xiang Qian I do not believe it!

At this moment, Xiang Qian stopped on a forked path to the zoo.

Look at the signs in the zoo.

Xiang Qian seems to see the forked path of his own destiny, just facing the current situation.

“How should this game be broken?”

Even with the help of the Dreamland Theater, I am afraid that I will face many serious problems.

Xiang Qian frowned and thought for a moment.

In the end…

Xiang Qian who stopped at the forked path mouth suddenly smiled and said:

“It’s nothing more than a winner and a loser, let’s not counsel !”

After speaking, Xiang Qian rode the eDonkey into the forked path and drove towards the address of Beihai Zoo.

About five minutes later.

As the zoo got closer and closer, Xiang Qian still became nervous.

But at this moment.

Beep! ! !

A large truck came on the road ahead.

Xiang Qian drove the little eDonkey and quickly moved to the side to avoid it, but the two sides passed by on their shoulders.

Take a quick glance.

But I saw that the wagon was loaded with two black and white, striped horses.


Xiang Qian ‘s pupils shrank, and this truck must have come out of the zoo.

The question is…

Why are the zebras transported away?

Suddenly, Xiang Qian had a bad feeling in his heart.

one way or another.

Now he can only bite the bullet and talk about it at the zoo first.

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